cPanel Licensing Price: The End of Free cPanel Hosting

The Affected Web Hosting Providers and Small Businesses by cPanel Licensing Price Changes: The web hosting industry is always changing, & one recent development that has caused a stir is the increase in cPanel licensing fees. cPanel, which has a feature-rich interface & an easy-to-use interface, has been the preferred control panel for web hosting companies for long. But hosting companies and small enterprises that depend on reasonably priced hosting solutions have been severely impacted by the most recent adjustments to cPanel’s pricing structure. This essay will examine the causes of the increase in cPanel licensing fees, the effects on small businesses & hosting companies, and possible workarounds for adjusting to the new pricing structure.

Key Takeaways

  • cPanel licensing costs have risen, marking the end of free cPanel hosting for many providers
  • Hosting providers are impacted by the changes in cPanel licensing, leading to the search for alternatives
  • Small businesses are affected by the new cPanel pricing model, requiring them to adjust their hosting strategies
  • Free cPanel hosting is no longer a viable option, and businesses should be cautious of scams and fake licensing providers
  • Consider affordable cPanel solutions like Limitless Hosting to adapt to the new licensing price and avoid falling into the trap of free cPanel hosting

In the past, web hosting companies could provide their customers with cost-effective hosting solutions thanks to cPanel’s straightforward and predictable pricing structure. Nevertheless, cPanel revealed a significant alteration to its pricing structure in 2019, switching from a per-server to a per-account model. It is now more difficult for many hosting providers to maintain competitive pricing for their clients as a result of this change, which has caused a significant increase in licensing costs. The purchase of cPanel by Oakley Capital is one of the primary causes of the rise in cPanel licensing fees, although there are other contributing factors as well. Hosting providers now pay more as a result of the company’s new pricing strategy brought about by the ownership change.

The new pricing structure has also made it more challenging for hosting companies to provide unmetered or unlimited hosting plans, which has a negative impact on their capacity to draw in and keep clients. Hosts may have to make concessions to offset the higher cPanel licensing costs, which raises concerns about the possible effect on customer pricing & service quality. This could lead to lower server performance, slower support response times, & higher customer costs, all of which would make end users’ experiences less than ideal. Numerous hosting companies have started looking into other control panel options in response to the increase in cPanel licensing fees

Although cPanel has long been the industry standard, there are a number of other control panels that provide comparable features and capabilities. In comparison to cPanel, some of the most well-liked substitutes are Plesk, DirectAdmin, and Virtualmin; each has advantages & disadvantages of its own. Plesk, for instance, is a well-liked option among hosting companies searching for a cPanel substitute due to its extensive feature set and user-friendly interface. Plesk does have its own licensing fees, though, and these might still be too much for certain providers. In contrast, DirectAdmin provides a more cost-effective licensing model, which makes it a desirable choice for hosting companies trying to cut expenses. A free alternative to cPanel is provided by the open-source control panel Virtualmin, though setup & upkeep may call for more technical know-how.

Free cPanel Hosting is no longer sustainable

Different price tiers for the number of accounts hosted on a server determine the new cPanel pricing model, which is based on a tiered structure. For many hosting providers, especially those with a large number of accounts, this has led to a significant increase in licensing costs. In order to stay competitive in the market, hosting providers have been compelled by the new pricing model to review their pricing and business strategies as well as take into account alternate control panel options. The impact of the various pricing tiers on hosting providers’ cPanel license costs has varied; some have seen a slight increase in costs, while others have seen a large increase.

This has made it harder for hosting companies to keep their profit margins high while still providing their clients with competitive pricing, which has an effect on how affordable hosting is for both individuals and small businesses. Due to their reliance on low-cost hosting options for starting and maintaining their online presence, small businesses have been disproportionately affected by the increase in cPanel licensing fees. In order to lessen the impact on their bottom line, a lot of small businesses have been forced to reassess their hosting options and take into account alternative control panel solutions due to the increased licensing costs. For many small businesses, the transition to the new cPanel pricing model has been difficult because they lack the technical know-how or resources to handle the intricacies of switching control panels. Small businesses can, however, use a variety of strategies to lessen the effects of the higher cPanel licensing costs.

These include making the most of their hosting resources, looking into other options for their control panel, and negotiating lower-cost hosting solutions with their hosting providers. Due to the industry’s dramatic change brought about by the elimination of free cPanel hosting, small businesses and hosting companies are now obliged to look into other options. The demise of free cPanel hosting has presented difficulties for many, but it has also given rise to new chances for ingenuity and inventiveness in the web hosting industry. These days, hosting companies and small enterprises are looking into possible substitutes and fixes, like custom-built systems, substitute control panels, and alliances with licensing suppliers. Wide-ranging effects result from the discontinuation of free cPanel hosting, affecting small enterprises and hosting companies alike.

Small companies and hosting providers also prioritize maintaining the highest level of customer service, & there are ways to do this while adjusting to the new cPanel licensing cost. This can entail making infrastructural & technological investments to boost server performance, optimizing support procedures to sustain high customer satisfaction, & looking into joint ventures with licensing companies to obtain more reasonably priced solutions. Although the discontinuation of free cPanel hosting has presented difficulties for numerous hosting companies and small enterprises, it is crucial to exercise caution when utilizing unlicensed or free cPanel licenses.

Beware of illegal cPanel licenses

Businesses run the risk of legal trouble and security breaches when they use free or unlicensed cPanel licenses. They also jeopardize the dependability & quality of their hosting services. In order to maintain licensing agreements and guarantee the security and stability of hosting environments, it is imperative to utilize cPanel solutions that are legitimate and licensed. Scammers and fraudulent cPanel licensing providers have become more prevalent as a result of the increase in cPanel licensing fees. These unlicensed suppliers might appear to be offering reasonably priced licensing options, but they frequently carry a high risk & disadvantage.

Employing fraudulent or unapproved cPanel licensing companies can put companies at risk for security & legal problems in addition to lowering the caliber and dependability of their hosting services. Choosing a cPanel licensing provider requires careful consideration; make sure the provider is reputable & approved by cPanel. Businesses and hosting providers should be proactive in identifying legitimate licensing providers and doing extensive research prior to making any commitments in order to avoid potential scams and fake cPanel licensing providers.

This could entail looking up the provider’s credentials, going through client endorsements & reviews, & getting advice from reliable sources in the field. Locating a dependable and reasonably priced licensing provider is crucial as companies and hosting providers negotiate the complexity of the recently implemented cPanel licensing structure.

Affordable cPanel Hosting

Limitless Hosting is dedicated to assisting companies & providers in adjusting to the new cPanel licensing model and preserving affordable and dependable hosting solutions for their clients. To that end, the company offers a variety of pricing options in addition to providing specialized support. In conclusion, small businesses and web hosting providers have been forced to reconsider their pricing strategies and look into other control panel options due to the increase in cPanel licensing costs. Although the elimination of free cPanel hosting has presented difficulties, it has also given rise to chances for ingenuity and inventiveness in the web hosting industry.

Businesses and hosting providers can keep providing their clients with dependable & reasonably priced hosting solutions by adjusting to the new cPanel licensing environment and looking into possible alternatives and solutions. Businesses and providers can negotiate the intricacies of the new cPanel pricing model and preserve high standards of customer satisfaction with the help of reputable and reasonably priced licensing providers like Limitless Hosting.

Why DirectAdmin Hosting is the Best Choice for Your Website

Overview: For website owners searching for a dependable and easy-to-use hosting option, DirectAdmin Hosting is a well-liked option. Having a strong online presence is essential for both individuals and businesses in the modern digital age. But with so many options on the market, selecting the best hosting provider can be difficult. The advantages of DirectAdmin Hosting will be discussed in this article, along with the reasons selecting the best hosting for your website is crucial. DirectAdmin Hosting Benefits: This option is appealing to website owners because it provides a number of benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • DirectAdmin Hosting is a great choice for your website due to its user-friendly interface, high performance, reliability, and security features.
  • DirectAdmin Hosting offers a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage your website.
  • With DirectAdmin Hosting, you can expect high performance and reliability, ensuring that your website is always up and running smoothly.
  • DirectAdmin Hosting also offers a range of security features to keep your website safe from threats.
  • If you’re looking for affordable hosting, Limitless Hosting offers DirectAdmin Hosting starting at just

Strong security features, a user-friendly interface, and excellent performance and dependability are some of these advantages. User-Friendly Interface: The interface of DirectAdmin Hosting is one of its main benefits. Even a beginner can easily navigate the DirectAdmin control panel. It provides a clear and user-friendly layout that makes managing your website and all of its features easy. DirectAdmin’s control panel makes it easy to add new domains, set up email accounts, & install apps.

Users can also alter their dashboards to suit their tastes with the help of Customizable DashboardDirectAdmin. This implies that you can set up the different features and settings to fit your workflow. You can manage your website more productively and with less time if you have a customized dashboard. Application Installation with Just One Click: Installing apps with just one click is another benefit of using DirectAdmin Hosting.

This feature is especially helpful for website owners who wish to enhance their sites’ functionality without having to deal with any technical difficulties. You can install popular apps like WordPress, Joomla, or Magento quickly & easily with DirectAdmin’s one-click installation, which will save you time and effort. High Reliability and Performance: DirectAdmin Hosting is renowned for its dependability & high performance.

Search engine ranks & user experience are greatly impacted by a website’s loading speed. You can anticipate quick loading times with DirectAdmin Hosting, which will guarantee that your visitors enjoy a seamless surfing experience. Also, uptime is given top priority by DirectAdmin Hosting providers, reducing any potential downtime that might have an adverse effect on the accessibility of your website. Minimal Downtime: The reputation of your website and the way your business is run can suffer from downtime. You can be sure that there won’t be much downtime for your website when you use DirectAdmin Hosting.

To guarantee that users can always access your website, DirectAdmin Hosting providers use cutting-edge technologies & a strong infrastructure. Scalability for Expanding Websites: Having a hosting solution that can handle rising traffic and resource requirements is critical as your website expands. Scalability options provided by DirectAdmin Hosting make it simple to increase your hosting plan as your website grows. This makes sure that even during times of high traffic, your website is responsive and operates at its best. Security Features: The security of your website & its information is a top priority for DirectAdmin Hosting.

To guard against potential threats & vulnerabilities, it provides a range of security features. Encrypting the data that is sent back and forth between your website and its visitors, SSL certificates are provided by DirectAdmin Hosting. By doing this, you can protect yourself and your users from potential cyberattacks by ensuring that sensitive information, like login credentials or payment details, is transmitted securely. Firewall Protection: To protect your website from malicious activity, DirectAdmin Hosting also offers firewall protection.

By blocking unwanted access and screening out shady traffic, firewalls serve as a line of defense between your website and possible risks. Performing routine backups: Any website owner can suffer catastrophically from data loss. Regular backups are usually provided by DirectAdmin Hosting companies to guarantee that the data on your website is safely saved and ready for restoration in case of any unanticipated events. Knowing that the configurations & content of your website are safe gives you peace of mind.

In terms of DirectAdmin Hosting, Limitless Hosting stands out as a provider that provides cost-effective hosting options without sacrificing quality, with plans starting at just $0.50 per month. Limitless Hosting offers affordable hosting plans starting at just $0.50 per month, making it a great choice for individuals & small businesses on a budget. An explanation of Limitless Hosting’s prices and plans: Limitless Hosting provides a selection of hosting plans to suit a variety of requirements and price points. For $0.50 a month, their Basic plan offers unlimited bandwidth, 1GB of SSD storage, and the capacity to host one website. This plan is perfect for single individuals or small websites with low traffic.

Introducing the “SMALL” plan – the perfect solution for those seeking 5 GB of disk space, 100 GB of bandwidth, 2 addon domains, 3 subdomains, and 7 MySQL databases. All of this is available at an unbeatable price of just $1.40 per month. If you require a little more space and bandwidth, our “MEDIUM” plan may be more suitable. For only $2.50 per month, you’ll receive 10 GB of disk space, 150 GB of bandwidth, 4 addon domains, 4 subdomains, and 8 MySQL databases. For larger websites with higher traffic, our “LARGE” plan is the way to go. With 15 GB of disk space, 200 GB of bandwidth, 6 addon domains, 6 subdomains, and 14 MySQL databases, all for just $3 per month, it’s the ultimate choice. Select the plan that best suits your needs and start today!

Many hosting companies charge exorbitant prices for similar features and resources. However, for those seeking to reduce their hosting expenses or on a tight budget, Limitless Hosting is an attractive alternative due to its affordability. By selecting Limitless Hosting, you can enjoy a range of benefits, including reliable DirectAdmin Hosting and other advantages. Our top priority is delivering dependable performance, which is why we utilize cutting-edge hardware and infrastructure.

With SSD storage installed on their servers, website loading times are noticeably faster than with conventional HDD storage. This guarantees that your website functions at its best and offers a seamless user experience. 24/7 Customer Support: Limitless Hosting’s committed team of customer service is an additional benefit of selecting them. They ensure that any problems or questions you may have are quickly resolved by providing live chat and a ticketing system that is available around-the-clock. This degree of assistance is vital, particularly for people who might not be very tech-savvy. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: Your website will always be online with 99.9% uptime from Limitless Hosting. This reduces the possibility of any interruptions to your online presence because users will be able to access your website virtually continuously.

Simple Migration: If your website is currently hosted somewhere else, Limitless Hosting provides migration services at no cost. Their staff will help you move your website’s contents to their servers, guaranteeing a seamless transition devoid of any downtime. In conclusion, the success of your website depends on selecting the best hosting company.

DirectAdmin Hosting, with its user-friendly interface, high performance & reliability, and robust security features, offers numerous benefits for website owners. In the DirectAdmin Hosting market, Limitless Hosting sticks out as a reasonably priced and dependable choice. For individuals and small businesses seeking to build a strong online presence, Limitless Hosting offers an appealing option with their affordable prices, dependable performance, and top-notch customer service. To guarantee the best possible speed, security, and scalability for your website, pick the right hosting company.

There is no such thing as Unlimited cPanel Hosting

The allure of “unlimited” hosting plans has been a marketing tactic used by many hosting providers to attract customers. The promise of unlimited resources, such as storage, bandwidth, and processing power, has been a tempting offer for website owners looking to grow their online presence. However, the reality is that there is no such thing as truly unlimited cPanel hosting, as all hosting resources are finite and must be managed effectively.

Hosting providers often use the term “unlimited” to create a sense of freedom and flexibility, but in reality, these plans are subject to various limitations and restrictions. The underlying infrastructure of a hosting server can only support a certain amount of resources, and when multiple accounts are sharing the same server, the available resources must be carefully allocated and managed to ensure the stability and performance of all websites hosted on that server.

Despite the claims of “unlimited” hosting, the truth is that hosting providers must still impose certain limits and policies to ensure the overall health and functionality of their servers. These limits may not be immediately apparent to the customer, but they are necessary to prevent one account from monopolizing the server’s resources and negatively impacting the performance of other websites hosted on the same server.

Key Takeaways

  • “Unlimited” cPanel hosting plans are a myth and often come with hidden limitations and costs.
  • Shared hosting resources are finite, meaning that there are always limits to bandwidth and storage.
  • Many “unlimited” plans actually have bandwidth and storage caps in disguise, which can lead to unexpected fees.
  • Transparent hosting policies are crucial for understanding the limitations of your plan and avoiding surprises.
  • Choosing the right cPanel hosting plan for your needs requires realistic expectations for performance and resource usage.

Understanding the Limitations of cPanel Hosting

cPanel hosting, while a popular and user-friendly platform, is still subject to the constraints of shared hosting environments. Each cPanel account shares server resources, such as CPU, RAM, and disk space, with other accounts on the same server. This means that the performance and stability of your website can be affected by the activities and resource usage of other websites hosted on the same server.

In a shared hosting environment, the hosting provider must carefully manage the allocation of resources to ensure that no single account is consuming an excessive amount of resources, which could potentially impact the performance of other websites. This is a delicate balancing act, as the hosting provider must strike a balance between providing enough resources to each account while also ensuring the overall stability and reliability of the server.

It’s important to understand that even though your cPanel hosting plan may be labeled as “unlimited,” the reality is that the hosting provider must still impose certain limits and restrictions to maintain the integrity of the server. These limits may not be explicitly stated in the hosting plan’s description, but they are necessary to ensure the fair and efficient use of the server’s resources.

The Hidden Costs of “Unlimited” cPanel Plans

While the initial price tag of “unlimited” cPanel plans may seem attractive, there are often hidden costs and fees associated with exceeding the hosting provider’s limits. These hidden costs can include overage charges, account suspensions, or even account termination, which can disrupt your website’s operations and lead to unexpected expenses.

Hosting providers may advertise their plans as “unlimited,” but in reality, they have specific thresholds and limits in place to prevent individual accounts from consuming an excessive amount of resources. When an account exceeds these limits, the hosting provider may impose additional fees or even suspend the account, leaving the website owner to scramble to find a new hosting solution and potentially lose valuable data or downtime.

Furthermore, the hidden costs associated with “unlimited” cPanel plans can be difficult to anticipate, as they may not be clearly outlined in the hosting provider’s terms of service or acceptable use policies. This lack of transparency can lead to unexpected financial burdens and frustration for website owners who thought they were signing up for a truly unlimited hosting solution.

Shared Hosting Resources: The Finite Reality

In a shared hosting environment, the resources available to each account are finite and must be carefully managed by the hosting provider. Overuse of resources by one account can negatively impact the performance and stability of other accounts on the same server.

Hosting providers must carefully allocate and monitor the usage of server resources, such as CPU, RAM, and disk space, to ensure that no single account is consuming an excessive amount of resources. This is a delicate balancing act, as the hosting provider must ensure that each account has access to the resources it needs to function properly, while also preventing any one account from monopolizing the server’s resources.

When an account exceeds the hosting provider’s resource limits, it can have a cascading effect on the performance and stability of other websites hosted on the same server. This can lead to slow loading times, website crashes, or even complete service interruptions for other website owners, who may have no control over the actions of the offending account.

Bandwidth and Storage Caps in Disguise

BandwidthThe amount of data that can be transferred between the server and the website visitors. Limited bandwidth means slower website loading times and potential overage charges.
StorageThe amount of disk space available for website files, databases, and emails. Limited storage means a website can only grow to a certain size before needing to upgrade or delete old files.
DomainsThe number of websites that can be hosted on one account. Limited domains means a website owner would need to purchase additional hosting accounts for each website they want to host.
Email AccountsThe number of email addresses that can be created for a domain. Limited email accounts means a website owner may need to use a third-party email service or purchase additional hosting accounts for more email addresses.
SupportThe level of technical support provided by the hosting company. Limited support means website owners may need to troubleshoot issues on their own or pay for additional support.

Many “unlimited” cPanel plans actually have hidden bandwidth and storage caps, which can be exceeded if your website experiences a sudden spike in traffic or content growth. Exceeding these caps can result in additional fees or even account suspension, undermining the promise of “unlimited” hosting.

Hosting providers often use the term “unlimited” to create a sense of freedom and flexibility, but in reality, they have specific limits and thresholds in place to prevent individual accounts from consuming an excessive amount of resources. These limits may not be explicitly stated in the hosting plan’s description, but they are necessary to ensure the overall stability and performance of the server.

When a website owner exceeds the hosting provider’s bandwidth or storage limits, they may be subject to additional fees or even account suspension. This can be particularly problematic for websites that experience sudden spikes in traffic or rapid growth in content, as the “unlimited” hosting plan may not be able to accommodate these fluctuations in resource usage.

The Importance of Transparent Hosting Policies

Hosting providers should be upfront and transparent about the actual limits and policies of their cPanel hosting plans. Customers should carefully review the hosting provider’s terms of service and acceptable use policies to understand the true limitations of their “unlimited” cPanel plan.

Transparency is crucial when it comes to hosting services, as it allows website owners to make informed decisions about their hosting needs and avoid potential pitfalls. By clearly outlining the resource limits, usage policies, and potential fees associated with their hosting plans, hosting providers can help customers set realistic expectations and avoid unexpected costs or service interruptions.

Unfortunately, some hosting providers may not be as transparent as they should be, instead relying on the allure of “unlimited” hosting to attract customers. This lack of transparency can lead to frustration and disappointment for website owners who discover that their “unlimited” hosting plan is not as limitless as they had been led to believe.

Choosing the Right cPanel Hosting Plan for Your Needs

When selecting a cPanel hosting plan, it’s important to carefully assess your website’s current and projected resource requirements. By choosing a hosting plan that aligns with your actual needs, you can avoid the pitfalls of “unlimited” plans and ensure the long-term stability and performance of your website.

Evaluating your website’s resource usage, including factors such as traffic, storage requirements, and bandwidth needs, can help you determine the appropriate hosting plan for your needs. This may involve selecting a plan with clearly defined resource limits, rather than an “unlimited” plan that may not be able to accommodate your website’s growth and development.

By choosing a hosting plan that matches your website’s requirements, you can ensure that your website has access to the resources it needs to function effectively, without the risk of exceeding hidden limits or incurring unexpected fees. This can help you avoid the disruptions and costs associated with “unlimited” plans that may not be as limitless as they appear.

Debunking the Unlimited Hosting Hype

The concept of “unlimited” hosting is often more marketing hype than reality, as hosting providers must still manage the finite resources of their servers. By understanding the limitations of cPanel hosting and the true nature of “unlimited” plans, you can make informed decisions about your hosting needs and avoid potential pitfalls.

While the promise of “unlimited” hosting may be enticing, the reality is that all hosting resources are finite and must be carefully managed by the hosting provider. Even in a shared hosting environment, the hosting provider must allocate and monitor the usage of server resources to ensure the overall stability and performance of the server.

By recognizing the limitations of cPanel hosting and the true nature of “unlimited” plans, website owners can make more informed decisions about their hosting needs. This may involve selecting a hosting plan with clearly defined resource limits, rather than an “unlimited” plan that may not be able to accommodate their website’s growth and development.

Realistic Expectations for cPanel Hosting Performance

While cPanel hosting can be a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for many websites, it’s important to have realistic expectations about its performance and capabilities. By setting appropriate expectations and choosing a hosting plan that meets your specific needs, you can ensure the long-term success and stability of your website.

cPanel hosting, like any hosting solution, has its own set of strengths and limitations. While it can be a great option for many website owners, it’s important to understand that the performance and capabilities of a cPanel hosting plan may not be limitless, despite the marketing claims of “unlimited” resources.

By setting realistic expectations and choosing a hosting plan that aligns with your website’s specific needs, you can ensure that your website has access to the resources it requires to function effectively. This may involve selecting a plan with clearly defined resource limits, rather than an “unlimited” plan that may not be able to accommodate your website’s growth and development.

Overall, it’s important to approach cPanel hosting with a clear understanding of its limitations and the true nature of “unlimited” plans. By making informed decisions and setting appropriate expectations, you can ensure the long-term success and stability of your website, without falling victim to the myth of unlimited hosting.

At Limitless Hosting, we believe in transparency and honesty. That’s why we never make false promises of unlimited resources on our packages

At Limitless Hosting, we pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers. While we don’t offer “Unlimited” disk space and bandwidth, we do offer Limitless Addon Domains and Email Accounts. We believe in honesty and want our customers to know that the only true limits are the physical resources of disk space, bandwidth, RAM, CPU, and Network. That being said, we also offer Limitless MySQL Databases, subdomains, and more. Our cPanel Web Hosting starts at just $3/month and includes features such as a free limitless SSL certificate, one-click installer, and limitless FTP access. We also offer assistance with migrating your domain hosting, regardless of the control panel you use. Choose Limitless Hosting for reliable and transparent web hosting services.

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Is Shared Hosting a Good Choice for your Blog?

Shared hosting is the most inexpensive way to get online. Some providers offer shared hosting plans for as low as a dollar per month. Thus, many individuals and businesses opt for a shared hosting plan for their websites.

But, what is shared hosting? Shared hosting is a hosting service where many users use the same server to get on the Internet. Shared hosting is the most inexpensive hosting solution because the costs of maintaining the server are spread across many users.

You can put your website online, store your data, and create email addresses using your domain name with shared hosting. Multiple users share the resources from one server, which can lead to potential issues and downtime if one user needs to utilize more resources than usual.

However, shared hosting is an ideal option for smaller websites that do not get a lot of traffic or do not need a lot of resources. So, if you need a cheap way to get online and host a small website, shared hosting is the best solution for you. Also, you won’t need to concern yourself with managing and maintaining the server, as that is a task that your hosting provider will do.

Another great thing about shared hosting is that it is pretty easy to use. Shared hosting plans are usually managed by control panels, which provide a simple user interface that everyone can learn to use. So, you won’t need to learn how to code or program or have knowledge on Windows or Linux servers to use shared hosting. Control panels make everything easier for you, and you can find everything you need easily on your control panel dashboard.

Also, you will get strong security for your website with shared hosting. If a security threat emerges in one of the websites that share a server with you, that threat can quickly spread to all of the other users on the server. Thus, hosting providers usually offer strong security measures in their shared hosting plans that will keep your website safe and prevent as many cyber threats as possible.

As we mentioned, you can get shared hosting for as low as one dollar a month. However, with LimitlessHost, you can get a shared hosting plan for an even lower price of $0.50 a month! With LimitlessHost’s lowest shared hosting plan, you will get 1GB disk space, 50GB bandwidth, one addon domain, two subdomains, and 5 MySQL databases. Also, LimitlessHost has an uptime guarantee of 99%, which is pretty solid.

And if you want to hear what its users think about its services, you can do so by clicking on this link where you can see how our users at HostAdvice have rated LimitlessHost’s service after using them. To give you a quick preview, our users love LimitlessHost and have given the provider a rating of 4.9/5.0, emphasizing how much they like its reliability and prices.

Is Shared Hosting Suitable for Your Blog?

The short answer is yes. Shared hosting is actually an ideal solution for those who want to host a blog. It is affordable, and it allows you to integrate plugins and other tools into your blog easily – what more could you need?

Most shared hosting plans provide more than enough resources to host blogs without any issues. Let’s take LimitlessHost as an example. Namely, its shared hosting plans allow you to have up to 20GB of disk space, 500GB bandwidth, limitless addon domains, a free SSL Certificate, and more. Blogs usually take up around 700-800MB of disk space, which you will get for $0.50 a month with LimitlessHost.

All in all, you will not need many resources at all for hosting a blog, so shared hosting is the ideal choice for blogs in terms of both price and resources.

[Note] As for bandwidth, you won’t need more than 5GB per month for a blog. However, if you plan on creating a larger blog with many articles and pictures, you will need at 4GB of space, which you can easily get with shared hosting. [Note]

A Few Words on HostAdvice

HostAdvice is a comparison engine that compares web hosting providers based on user reviews. Ever since 2014, HostAdvice has been helping businesses and individuals from all over the world find a hosting provider that suits their needs and offers the best prices and reliability.

In addition to comparisons, we have written more than 4,000 reviews and offer over 65,000 user reviews and numerous tech-related how-to-articles written by experts in the industry. We also help out those who reach out to us to find out whether the hosting provider of their choice is the right solution for their needs.


All in all, shared hosting is the ideal solution for hosting any blog. It is the perfect way to get your blog online because it provides more than enough resources for your blog to function and run without any issues.

Also, getting anything other than shared hosting for your blog may be over the top, and you may end up spending more money than you need to for hosting your blog.

How to improve my WordPress site speed?

WordPress is the most famous content management system, which is widely being used nowadays. According to the sources, around 43% of the websites are using WordPress. But what if your site slows down?

You can lose many visitors if it takes more than three seconds to load website. Installing themes and plugins can cause heavy load on WordPress site, causing high resource usage and increasing the time to load the website. We will be sharing some tips on how you can improve your WordPress site speed, whether you are using a Shared Hosting or a VPS Hosting.

In most cases, Shared Hosting is used which has specific resource limit and is usually in a shared environment. That is where improving your site speed can be challenging.

1. Stay up to date with PHP Version

Yes, with every PHP Version, there are different optimizations are done that can increase your site speed drastically. For example, there are some plugins which use PHP 5.6 Version which has already reached End-of-Life, using such plugins not only pose a security risk but also slow down the website. Though, using the latest PHP version can also cause many incompatibility issues so it is better to stay at the lowest branch of supported version which has not reached End-of-Line. Now the question is, how would you upgrade to the latest PHP version? In the case of Shared Hosting & specialized WordPress Hosting, you will need to reach out to your hosting provider or you could try to find out something like “Select PHP Version” in your control panel. However, for VPS and Dedicated Servers, you will require a technician to do that for you if you do not use any control panel. Limitless Hosting’s server come with variety of PHP Versions, and our shared hosting allows the change of PHP Version through “Select PHP Version” in your control panel.

2. Research before you install any plugin

A badly coded plugin can cause your site to slow down. Before installing any plugin, one must check the rating and the downloads of that plugin. You do require a functionality from plugin, but make sure that it does not make you lose visitors because of site speed. If your site is already slow, then you should find the culprit plugin but first you must monitor your resource usage. Is your CPU & RAM being fully utilized? If that is the case, then it is possible that it is a plugin causing that issue. You can isolate every plugin one by one and find out the culprit. For such tasks, it is recommended to hire someone expert in this field.

3. Pick Caching Plugin Carefully

It is common that users install many different caching plugins, thinking that it would speed up the website. But this is not the case sometimes and some sites can even completely slow down due to multiple caching plugins, causing incompatibility. So, what is the correct way to pick a caching plugin? First of all, determine what web server are you using, this can be verified by the hosting provider, or if you already have knowledge about PHP then creating a PHP info file can also show you your web server version. Many hosting providers use “LiteSpeed Web Server”, this is a fastest web server, in this case, you must install the plugin which is provided by them officially and is known as “LiteSpeed Cache”. If you use this plugin on your WordPress, then it is enough and will highly speed up your site. Though, even if your web server is not LiteSpeed Web Server, you can still freely use it and it will also increase your site speed. What more options do I have if I am not using LiteSpeed Web Server? If you are on Apache or NGINX, we recommend you a plugin known as “WP Super Cache”, with expert mode enabled. When these plugins are being used, we do not recommend using any other cache plugin as this can cause conflicts. Limitless Hosting is currently using LiteSpeed Web Server on cPanel Hosting.

4. Compress images

Many experts recommend 1 MB as the normal size for the web page so that it can load fast. But even a single image can use more than 1 MB, this is where image optimization must be done. Before uploading any images, make sure that you optimize them. There are many software available, online and offline which can compress your image size up to 90%. It is also recommended that you convert images to WebP format which can also reduce image size drastically while keeping the same quality.

5. Make the use of caching plugin wisely

Caching plugins are usually not limited to caching only, but they come with tons of features. LiteSpeed Cache allows you to optimize your page through CSS and JS minification, allows enabling lazy-loading images, and even provides image optimization feature. Other caching plugins also come with same features, so it is recommended to use the same caching plugin to optimize your web pages instead of installing a different plugin. But beware, if you try to enable all the optimizations, you can even break your theme and cause your fonts to be completed changed, thus make sure that you read about every option and change it accordingly.

Limitless Hosting 5th Anniversary Sale – Web Hosting from $1/year and a lot more!

Limitless Hosting is celebrating the fifth anniversary with huge discounts. Just like every year, the deals are available which are extremely affordable.

This time, following are the featured deals which can be seen below:

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Yes, you read it right! $1/year hosting that is available in USA, EU and even Asia data center! All our hosting packages are SSD Powered, and all the deals are recurring, which means that you pay same every year, and price does not change.

Apart from that, reseller hosting is also available from $12/year in all three servers.

These were the featured deals only, you can find out all the deals here:

Even software provided by Limitless Hosting are on discount, that is, WISECP License. If you are not aware what WISECP is, here is what you need to about it briefly: It is a web hosting billing software, which makes your life easier by automating all your tasks, this software is just not limited to hosting services, but any kind of digital services can be provided using that software which helps in invoices, payment gateways, modules, support system, and a lot more. You can get the owned branded license for just $190, that is a one-time payment.

Did we miss something? Oh yes, a domain which we often do not put on sale, can be availed at just $1.2 for first year, It is .XYZ domain name, which is a famous domain.

If you have any queries, feel free to submit a ticket and we will assist you!

7 Security Tips to protect your WordPress Website

Are you tired of fixing your WordPress due to infected malware or content? We have got some tips for you so that your website never gets infected, tried and tested!

1. Update, update, never forget!

One of the most biggest reason why WordPress websites easily get hacked is people forget about their website after they publish it for once. Maintenance is also an important part of website, so never forget about it. If you didn’t update your website, and just realized after reading this, now is the best time to do it so that your website does not get infected. There are different kinds of updates, WordPress, theme and plugin updates. WordPress and plugin updates are most important, and you should keep them up to date. There is also a new option in WordPress now to auto-update it, but sometimes updates can break things so it is better to keep it manual.

2. Never use nulled plugins

To save up some cost, people move to the illegal options such as nulled plugins and themes. Never compromise on nulled plugins and themes in WordPress, or even any other web software. You never know what is hidden inside a nulled plugin, and how dangerous it could be for your website. Buy those themes and plugins from trusted platforms, and so you could also get support and updates. Nulled themes and plugins are also not kept up to date, and it is also illegal to use them.

3. Security plugins

There are lot of well known plugins, that prevents your website from getting infected. They also stop brute-force attacks, that can also slow down your website. We recommend to always equip your site with such security plugin, try to use only one plugin so that your website does not get overloaded. Wordfence is a good security plugin which can be found in WordPress and is free.

4. Strong Passwords

That is one of the most basic security tip, keep a strong password, something that cannot be easily guessed, and should have combination of upper case, lower case letters, numbers, symbols along with a good length. Length also matters, so 14+ length with a perfect combination can be called a strong password. This does not only apply to WordPress sites, but all kinds of web application where user authentication is used.

5. Less Plugins

You might be wondering about the title which says less plugins, yes, plugins can be the biggest culprits sometimes and play a big role in infecting your website. It is not necessary that all plugins are well-coded, and free of exploits. The more plugins you use, the more chances are that your website can get infected. Use the plugins which have good rating and large amount of downloads, and then keep less amount of plugins.

6. Two Factor Authentication

This is something which should be used in all of your websites, even if its not WordPress, a person should not rely only on the password, but use the Two Factor Authentication which can protect unauthorized logins. Either a plugin should be used for it, or it may already be a part of security plugins which you may be using.

7. Captcha

Captcha should be used on registration, login, comments, contact forms and other pages where forms are used. This will not only protect your website from getting hacked, but also keep your website faster, as bots can attack login pages and cause website to be overloaded. To use a Captcha, you may need to install a plugin, or it could be a part of your security plugin.

If you are using Limitless Hosting’s Web Hosting plan, you can always contact us and we can secure your WordPress site for extra charges, since our services are semi-managed. Apart from that, we take many security precautions to secure our servers. Check out our web hosting plans starting from $0.50/month only.