Complete DDoS Protection

Gain complete control over every aspect of your hosting solution with a dedicated server.

Why Limitless Hosting?
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Cloudlinux OS

To make sure that your websites run faster and do not experience downtime

Wordpress Optimized

Install apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and over 150 more with our 1-click installer.

LiteSpeed 12x Faster

The latest technology like SSD, PHP7, CDN & more to make your website load super fast.

Physical security
All servers are housed in secured data center facilities that are staffed by Server Mania engineers 24/7.
Account security
Our security team monitors your systems and accounts for threats and vulnerabilities 24/7/365.
Network Security
Our networks are locked down on multiple logical layers using a variety of methods, including private networking.
Server security
We have protection, monitoring and app patching in place to ward off server attacks.
Application security
We deliver unparalleled intrusion detection and visibility to our customers protect their applications.

The DDoS Protection System

Our enterprise DDoS Protection
protects against all DDoS attack
types, including:

  • UDP Flood
  • TCP Flood
  • SYN Flood
  • ICMP Flood
  • DNS Reflection Flood
  • All Layers: 1 through 7

HTTP and TCP Compatibility

Our protection is compatible with all hosted applications. Popular uses for
our protection:

  • Websites
  • Gaming Servers
  • Storage Servers
  • Social Networks
  • VOIP Telephony

Proven Detection Algorithms

Detection and mitigation of DDoS is automatic and does not require human intervention:

  1. Dedicated Servers
  2. Shared Hosting
  3. Cloud servers (EXTRA CHARGES for DDoS Protection)
  • Note: Our cloud servers are not DDoS Protected by default, you have to purchase the protection if needed, create support ticket for more details
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